We are Festiwork!

Come join us to work at the biggest European events,
and get the experience of a lifetime!

We have set up Festiwork to revolutionize seasonal student work, to provide an all-new alternative to local, Eastern-European job opportunities and make use of the incredible potential the people in our region represent. Through this revolution we wanted to enable students to travel and experience the world whilst earning substantial money providing contribution to an increase in their life standards back in their home countries.

Five years later we are more diverse. We now revolutionize European work for all eligible candidates across many industries and multiple countries offering permanent positions besides our landmark seasonal works.

When we talk about revolution we do not mess around. Applying for a seasonal job in the UK has never been more simple and cost-effective. We take away your burden of having to invest large sums of money upfront for your travels, food and accommodation. You just need to make up your mind, register, find the right offer and off you go!

United Kingdom

Géza Norbert Mihályi

One of my friend worked with Festiwork in 2016 and he told me some thing about it for example the tents, england and about the work. We can say I like...

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United Kingdom

Andras Vago

Basically a bunch of people missunderstanding if someone goes to work in festivals in the UK. They think it will be fun as hell. But it is not true. I...

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Egyesült Királyság

Pördi Patrik

Már kétszer voltam velük dolgozni, nagyon sokféle munkát próbáltam ki, a forgalomirányítás tetszett a legjobban. A nehézségek ellenére jó visszagondol...

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